Alf W

So Full Of Dreams

How long the days when staring into space!
How ever is it possible to erase
The memories and moments
Of joyous days now passed.
Upon the ground beside the pool she lay,
Her face with no emotion on that day
Could show how deeply
Ran her feelings unsurpassed.

So crowded was her heart, so full of dreams
That seemed to fill her being, and like a stream
That flowed forever;
A ship with flowing mast.
Now all was gone, her heart was now becalmed.
Her living form beside the pond, embalmed
With saddened face,
And lifeless heart lambaste.

However could her heart revive, and smiles return?
However could her lifeless form with passion burn
And love revive,
And joy return so vast?
As eyelids closed, she slept, and peace revived
The heart and mind that previously had dived
Into a chasm of despair,
Now felt such peace at last.


  • Louis Gibbs

    You paint a vivid picture here ... one which is a pleasure to share. Thanks for this offering, Alf!

    • Alf W

      Thank you so much Louis.

    • Michael Edwards

      A picture painted with words - thanks for posting Alf.

      • Alf W

        Thanks so much.

      • Accidental Poet

        For a second there I was thinking of jumping in the pool. Then I remembered, oh yeah, this a poem I'm reading. Very real Alf.

        • Alf W

          Thank you so much.

          • Accidental Poet

            And you're welcome so much.

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