What if I told you?

Emile Dubois

What if I told you that all history was one big lie

And to get along one had to sing the victors song

And that big pharma was a money making exercise

And that while you're looking for truth, the common narrative peddles lies

And what if I told you that the news is a conspiracy spun by the few

And that all wars are fought for redistribution of wealth

And by the same hands of those who control you

And that terrorism is a state sponsored theatre show

And that fear is only of the unknown

And what if I told you that you have been conditioned into slavery

And other than usury your masters have little use for you

And that common consciousness is being eroded

And that divide and rule is still en Vogue

And that organised religions offer no hope 

And what if I told you that your life is a waking dream

And that as long as you sleep the manipulation continues

And if your aim is acquiring material possessions

All that is meaningful will never reach your soul

And what if I told you that all the answers are within

And as long as we're divided from others

And separated from ourselves

This malady is endless unto death

  • Author: Emile Dubois (Offline Offline)
  • Published: August 14th, 2017 05:21
  • Category: Unclassified
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  • camille

    Tremendously written and candidly honest .. yes we must all awaken from this stupor and open our eyes .. the truth is there ..
    C x

    • Emile Dubois

      Thanks for reading and responding Camille x

    • Nicholas Browning

      This is very true. I think about these things every day. I personally believe most of this to be the truth. It's all an idiot's parade, and we're the jugglers. Wonderfully done. Keep it up.

      • Emile Dubois

        Thank you..yes the groundwork for the great duping of mankind was done last century..two wars to redistribute wealth to the few..and then the banks stole the gold reserves. Now we are debt slaves. How small our lives are

        • Nicholas Browning

          Our lives will always be small. We're just passing the time friend.

        • Goldfinch60

          Good write about the truth that nobody will admit to.

          • Emile Dubois

            Thank you..we have to stick together and stop being so readily divided.

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