Lost without you

I look at you and see your frown,

Your wrinkles, your history recorded there,

Your skin - crinkly and worn, the genre of life,

Your frailty framed against the pillow,

As you fight to live on -

Each line in your face a road travelled,

A battle fought, the story of your survival,

Your mouth droops, the spittle escapes,

As I wipe, I marvel at our role reversal -

Me now the mother, and you the child,

I hold your hand and trace the gnarled knuckles,

Clenched in pain, weak in strength and remember

How you held me when I was young, the gentle 

Creature that was my mother, strong, bright

And playful with each other - the last time 

I saw you walk was to stumble and fall, the

Grief on your face at your inability to survive,

Here you lie, your frame all shrivelled

As you fight to live on-

My tears fall silently, a mixture of emotion,

Admiration for what you've done,

Impatience for what you can't,

Revulsion at what you've become,

Pity for both of us at what's to come,

Your eyes flicker, recognition lights your face

And then is gone as your last breadth is drew,

Your fight to live on - lost - as I am without you.


  • Somerica

    Awesome writing. Just wow dude. Loved this piece.

    • sue.evans

      Thank you for appreciating this piece.

    • FredPeyer

      Sorry for getting emotional, but sue, you so accurately depicted the last days of my mom. I want to read it again in the future and made it a favorite. Thank you!

      • sue.evans

        Ah sorry it brought back a sad time in your life but thank you for your comments. Close family may be no longer with us but our memories never leave us. 😊

        • FredPeyer

          Please don't feel sorry, it was actually beautiful to read. There is much love in your poem, and I think it was that love that spoke to me. I am an old guy, bet even old guys can get sentimental once in a while! Thank you! :-)

        • Goldfinch60

          Very good write, it can be so hard losing parents but their memory will never fade. I can still visualise my Dad and I talking about music over a glass of wine and he died over twenty years ago.

        • sue.evans

          Thank you - yes our memories can be very vivid and can offer comfort.

        • Fay Slimm.

          Your words move the depths of my heart Sue - - so sad that dignity is often lost in those who fight the hardest to retain it. A memorable read.

          • sue.evans

            Thank you - such lovely compliments- glad you enjoyed reading it. 😊

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