Golden Rule

John Prophet

I pray every night,

have all my life.
Have no proof

anyone is listening,

but I hope there is.

It just may be a

reinforcing technique,

I'm not really sure.

A prayer

is a harmless thing

hurts no one

in its passing.

I've lost faith

in any religions,

just spouting their


Just power trips

as far as I can tell.

The few

telling the many

what to do.

See no reason

to put them between

me and the creator.

Some say

all that we see

comes from


a quantum fluctuation

that's all.

That may be the case

I do not really know,

neither does anyone else.

Karl Marx

said " religion is the opiate of the people"

, he may be right

but no one can say

for sure.

Some say have faith,

"God spoke to us, showing us the way".

That may be the case,

but nobody knows

for sure.


is a funny thing,

we can have faith

in almost anything.


there is a creator

its intentions

is beyond ours to know.

So the best we can do

is live our lives,

and focus

on what we can.

Treat others

as we'd like

to be treated

seems like a

good philosophy.

The Golden Rule

is simple enough,

and seems

to make sense to me.

  • Author: John Prophet (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: August 16th, 2017 12:54
  • Category: Unclassified
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  • Louis Gibbs

    You share my feelings and sum them up beautifully in this poem, JG! Well spoken, indeed. The Golden Rule is all the religious teaching we need.

  • Tony36

    Great write

    • John Prophet

      Thank you Tony

      • Tony36


      • Sinead358

        Love the way you wrote this,
        Thanks for sharing.

      • Goldfinch60

        It makes sense to me as well. We may not know but I believe there is a Spirit that runs through my life.
        I have spoken at length to people of different religions and the upshot is that the true believers all believe in a higher power - Spirit - but approach it in different ways - that Spirit is always the same.

        • John Prophet

          We'll put Goldfinch. Thank you.

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