no means no

my body is a secret island 
you shall not discover nor explore
though footprint have been embedded in the sand
your feet are not welcome
My island is amazing
breath taking 
but the breath from your lungs shall not touch me



  • Nicholas Browning

    Indeed some sensual feelings this gives. The body is a temple. For what, I can't say. Nicely said.

  • Michael Edwards

    Simple succinct and to the point - that's what makes this a great work - enjoyed reading it.

  • lasergraph

    Very well stated. Great job

    • AAA

      thank you

    • burning-embers

      Methinks you have someone in mind. Be careful not to overstate such protestations lest it be thought 'she protesteth too much'..... ooooh these feminine wiles

    • Lillian_Jean

      I love this poem so much. Your body belongs to you and not everyone knows that.

      • AAA

        thank you!

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