I stood at the doorway of opportunity,
And was greeted with a grin.
I stood there feeling awkward,
Afraid to venture in.

I approached it with suspicion.
And didn't trust the smile.
I wouldn't make the effort.
To walk that extra mile.

It was cloaked in ambiguity,
With nothing in the clear.
I would have ventured closer,
But was held back by my fear.

I was like so many others,
Who cried out to have a chance.
I was invited to the party,
But simply failed to dance.


  • Louis Gibbs

    Beautifully depicted poem of regret. lg! Well done.

  • Michael Edwards

    Having been a shy retiring type (LoL) all my life I can empathise with this super bit of poemesque - enjoyed reading it.

    • lasergraph

      Most of us have regret about things past that we can no longer change. I have as many as most.

    • Nicholas Browning

      This is poetry.
      Well done sir.
      Well done.

      • lasergraph

        Thank you, appreciated.

      • myself and me

        Yes, how many times in our life, we simply miss the opportunities because lacking courage to explore, to go inside the door, walk that extra mile.
        Well done.

        • lasergraph

          And thank you for your comment.

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