Black and white
What a negative sight!
Strutting arrogantly up the path
Your legacy, the aftermath
Of seeing you,
Dark clouds brew
Such sorrow from one,
Before you are gone-
Before you take flight -
I salute you sir- as is right!


Black and white
What a joyous sight!
Strutting lovingly up the path
Your promise, the aftermath
Of seeing you,
Sunshine hue!
Such joy from two,
My mind no longer blue-
Before you take flight-
I thank you both - as is right!


Funny how the sight of you,
Whether one or two,
Influences my mood for the day,
As with my emotions you play,
'One for sorrow , Two for joy...' I mutter
As I scan the sky - My emotions all a flutter!
Why? - Madness! -Utter tosh! -Insanity!
Creating a self-fulfilling prophecy,
Damn Magpies - always causing a flap-
Because I believe your superstitious crap!!!


  • Michael Edwards

    Well my family think I'm a tad eccentric so not so far removed - and I'm not at all superstitious - I think of myself as a realist - well I'm real - just looked in the mirror - oh no its cracked - great stuff Sue

    • sue.evans

      Thanks Michael 😊

    • burning-embers

      I guess that damn song on a childrens TV program got to us all. I do the same, Three for a girl four for a boy, five for silver, six for gold, seven for a secret never to be told. Nice one!

      • sue.evans

        Thank you 😊

      • Candlewitch

        lol, have brightened my day!

        *hugs, Cat

        • sue.evans

          Glad to be of service 😊

        • FredPeyer

          I'm not superstitious, cross my fingers!

        • yellowrose

          haha lol i love the ending ! '' damn magpies- always causing a flap- because i belive your superstitious crap '' love this !

          • sue.evans

            Thank you 😊

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