Sara Storkson


Notice of absence from Sara Storkson
Hey guys,
Due to some unforseen personal stuff I will be gone for awhile.

She's alone in the dark
Too afraid to make a sound
Lost in her own nightmares
Trapped in her thoughts
Hour by hour
Day by day
Nothing changes


  • Sunflowers Bloom

    I feel you .

    • Sara Storkson

      These can be terrible feelings. I'm choosing to share them and work through it with like minded humans♡

    • Sara Storkson

      ♡ thank you

    • rrodriguez

      Wow, so sad to live that way. Very filled with gloom. Join us here to lighten up your life. Welcome!

      • Sara Storkson

        I feel alot better after getting it all off my chest♡ I appreciate the kind words of encouragement!

        • rrodriguez

          Obviously you have a lot to give.

        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          WELCOME SARA ~ Thank for your first ~ well penned poem ! BUT such a sad sad poem ! I know people in this very situation and it is SAD because all I can do is PRAY ~ AMEN Thanks for caring ~ Yours BRIAN (UK)

        • Candlewitch

          hello Sara,

          I can relate! good work. welcome to mps! nice to meet you!

          *hugs, Cat

        • Sara Storkson

          I don't generally feel like that. It is from my own experience.... I've felt better for a long time now♡ thanks for the concerns!!

        • Sara Storkson

          Thanks! I'm better at sad type poems. My favorite poets are Edgar Allan Poe and Emy Dickinson. If I could write like that.. oh my god!

        • Sara Storkson

          Also, ugh isn't supposed to be the title. I couldn't think of anything.

        • orchidee

          A fine write S.

        • FredPeyer

          Very good writing, Sara.
          I did say this in another comment, but I think it fits here too: The difference between a rut and a grave is depth.
          When nothing changes, we have no choice but to initiate choice.

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