Sara Storkson


Notice of absence from Sara Storkson
Hey guys,
Due to some unforseen personal stuff I will be gone for awhile.

"Can love fix our society
Is it enough to fill in the cracks
With human nature left as is,
Can we survive? Will we survive?" 


  • Goldfinch60

    YES, if love comes first.

  • lasergraph

    Great social questions, love would be enough if it came from all and replaced the hate.

  • FredPeyer

    Wow, you are making even an old guy like me ponder.
    Here are my 5 cents worth: If human nature is left as it is, sooner or later we will self-destruct.
    Love CAN fix our society, BUT it may not be enough.
    Sara, I love the subject matters you bring up here!

  • dusk arising

    Most resoundingly YES! Many more cracks shall appear and there are many rivers to cross. We shall survive. Faith in poets like you tell me so.

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