A Beautiful Butterfly



In a forest deep in the wood


There was a village of beautiful butterflies


But one stood out more then she should


Because of a spot some thought ugly to their eyes


It was on her left wing just at the top


An odd dull yellow that looked out of place


The others made fun of her constantly non-stop


She'd run away crying trying to hide her face


One day she ran really quite far


And sat on a log yelling to the trees


"Why do i have this ugly spot,why are things the way they are?"


But the only thing to answer her cries was the blowing of the breeze


The next day she woke early and headed back to where she sat before


She liked it out here where she could cry and yell


No one to hide from out here anymore


No one to hear her as far as she could tell


She continued to do this for days on end


Avoiding everyone as much as she could


But to her surprise she'd soon find a friend


Who saw her day after day hiding in the redwood


"Could you please keep it down today?"


She heard the scratchy voice in a shock


"You can't keep coming here yelling and crying this way!"


She looked around behind the log and even under a rock


"Over here in the tree to your right"


She turned to look who this mystery stranger could be


And there on the redwood just bearly in sight


Was a caterpillar munching on some moss on the tree


"Who are you?" She asked very curious


"How long have you been on that tree there?"


"Day in and day out of you crying" he sounded slightly furious


At first she didn't speak She wouldn't dare


But then the caterpillar relaxed and rolled his eyes


Went back to eating and sighed


"You've been quiet through all my cries?"


"Why did you just sit and hide?"


He huffed and puffed as she asked him this and that


She found him interesting but moody at best


Eventually she gave up asking and just sat


Sat and stared at her new grumpy guest


The days that followed she still came to the same place


The caterpillar still there on his redwood


She started to like sharing this space


Even if he was grouchy, he seemed good


Then out of no where he asked her why she came


"Why everyday do you leave the beautiful village to come here?"


She bowed her head and showed him her wing in shame


And told him her story without shedding a tear


She found him easy to talk to


Her words flowed effortlessly out


He listened not saying a word all the way through


She finished and they sat quietly in her new hideout


They grew closer and closer with every passing day


They were friends before they even knew it


He was her distraction, her getaway


And together they were a perfect fit


Then something happened that caught her off guard


One morning she ran into a group of the butterflies


They mocked and poked fun but she didn't cry even though it was hard


Out of her they did not get a rise


She rushed away as soon as she could


And flew to her friend right away


But when she got there he wasn't on his redwood


He wasn't anywhere near where they normally stay


She searched all day and all night


But to no avail, she could not find him


This continued for a fortnight


Until she gave up feeling rather grim


She thought he must of had a reason to leave so sudden


She hoped he was okay wherever he was at


She wondered the village aimlessly ignoring the slurs flooding in


It didn't  matter, he was gone, and nothing hurt more then that


The days turned into a blur and the mean words slowed


The other butterflies started to feel bad


Her heart break was not hidden it showed


They knew they were a part of why she was so broken and sad


On this day she stayed put in her house and layed on the floor


Not wanting to be bothered at all


But there came a knock on the door


So she got up and answered the call


"Please not today, just leave me alone" she said


She looked up at the handsome butterfly in front of her now


Then went to turn away to go to bed


But her eyes caught something that made her stop and raise her brow


She looked back at him and back at the thing


It was a spot not unlike hers right there


A green one though on the top left wing


She was in awe at what her and this stranger share


She met his stare and noticed something familiar


His eyes reminded her of someone she knows


This handsome butterfly was very peculiar


And then he spoke and she froze


"It's me. I'm sorry I was gone so long. Being in that cocoon took forever"


He smiled and reached out pulling her into a hug so tight


"I'm so glad I found you it was quite the endeavor"


And that moment felt so right


It was him he was back and a butterfly no less


And he had a spot just like her there on his wing at the top


She cried and knew she looked a mess


"I missed you" he said wiping away a tear before it could drop


She was so happy he was back she couldn't hold it in


She flung her arms around him and gave him a kiss


He kissed her back with a great big grin


And they both felt utter bliss


Now together they live in that village of beautiful butterflies


No one makes fun of her anymore not that she'd care


She's nothing but beautiful in his handsome eyes


And they're happy together with the spots that only they share


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    WOW MANDI ~ Thanks for a beautiful SAGA ! We look at ourselves and often wonder ~ will I find someone just like me (My female or male alter ego) and our love will be equal and mutual ? Your story illustrates this perfectly and I found it so so beautiful ~ it made me weep with JOY ! Thanks for caring & sharing ~ Yours BRIAN. Please check my PYRAMID POEM ~ Thanks B.

    • Mandi

      Glad you liked it๐Ÿ˜Š

    • lasergraph

      WOW, a beautiful read and a great message. This would be a great children's book. It brightened my day.

      • Mandi

        Thank you๐Ÿ˜Š

      • WL Schuett

        Very nice Mandi a good train throughout kept me interested and though I knew where it was going I kept reading and enjoyed it

        • Mandi

          I'm very glad that even though it is predictable you liked it๐Ÿ˜

        • malubotelho

          Mandi, you are great story teller. Just so awesome.

          • Mandi

            Thank you๐Ÿ˜Š

          • dusk arising

            Quite lovely. Very enjoyable reading.

            • Mandi

              Thank you๐Ÿ˜Š

            • Adam Shirley

              This brought me to tears I have to say, It's one of the most beautiful pieces I've ever read, thank you for this poem, it's wonderful!

              • Mandi

                Awe thank you๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜

              • FredPeyer

                Beautiful story, beautifully written poem! We all have some 'spots' we worry about. A wonderfully uplifting write!

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