Help for Heroes

I lie here, blood pouring from my heart

Waiting for the time when I will depart.

I hear the Angels merrily chatting

And a machine gun's distant rattling.

The bullet lies in my wound

Poisoning what was once full of love

But as I lie here, there's no love for me

After all, I'm only a wounded soldier.

A soldier left to die

Without love

Without hate

Only a silent good-bye!

My uniform is dirty

Full of blood stains

That won't be washed-out again.

And as I finally sleep

I've failed my country

I'm a soldier dying

Whilst the heroes fight on!


  • FredPeyer

    Bibbeck, this is a beautiful ode to the fallen soldier. In my mind they are ALL heroes.

  • dusk arising

    I think that if you spoke to the returning heros my friend you would hear stories of their heros who came home in bags with parts missing or who disappeared. Thats if you can find one who is willing to talk about it with someone who didnt go through it. Often you will hear a veteran say he wears a medal for his dead colleagues not himself. A respectful and deeply meaningful piece of writing my friend.

  • Goldfinch60

    Very good write and tribute. As Fred has said ALL are heroes, those that send them to war are to be despised.

  • WriteBeLight

    Great write!

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