Grow A Pear

So you know information,

That could save the day.

But, you’re still reluctant,

To speak up and say.


Because you don’t want,

To make any trouble.

It’s easier to stay,

Inside your bubble.


Deep in your heart,

You want to speak up.

So, reach down inside,

And, find your guts.


If you don’t strike,

While the iron is hot,

Then you’re just as guilty,

For the trouble that’s brought.


So I will now take,

This sharp little pin.

I’m going to pop,

The bubble you’re in.


Then you'll be out,

In the fresh air.

Where the sun will help you,

To grow a pair.


  • Louis Gibbs

    Are we talking balls or boobs here? I guess either would apply to your message. Well done advice, WBL!

    • WriteBeLight

      Ha Ha Louis. There are a lot of funny Google images that would answer your question regarding women and balls .... you are so very funny! Thanks. You are correct that both can apply :)

    • orchidee

      A fine write WBL. I'm gonna make myself swoon! Have some got one already, or they all need a pair?! lol.

      • WriteBeLight

        Very funny orchidee! You can have one if that is all you need. As long as it is a big one :)

      • Michael Edwards

        Brill - still not sure if I fully understand it but I don't care - love it as it is.

        • WriteBeLight

          I think Louis hit the nail on the head with his comment. I think men and women are guilty of not having the courage they need when it comes to doing the right thing. In my work, those mistakes cost money, which is something I have to watch. I feel like a babysitter, sometimes, as grown people act like children. Do not want to rant, but the particular person that inspired this poem really needs to grow up and stand tall. Thanks Michael!

        • Seeker

          HaHa Splendid write. Funny. Be careful with that needle Write!!

          • WriteBeLight

            Will do Seeker! Thanks!

          • malubotelho

            You have a special way of writing about your subjects. Very precisely and disguised at same time. I like the expression. Pop the bubble. I agree. A lot of people just push life with they bellies. Life needs decision too. Thanks for bringing this subject.

            • WriteBeLight

              Thank you so very much Malu!

            • Christina8

              I love your lighthearted poems, but they are so true! Cute pic to go with the poem. Everybody knows someone who just needs to "grow a pair" as you so wonderfully said!

              • WriteBeLight

                Ha Ha! So true Christina and Thanks!

              • ron parrish aka wordman

                lol,i feel better all ready,,thank you for busting my bubble

                • WriteBeLight

                  You are funny wordman! You are welcome! Thanks :)

                • myself and me

                  Thank you for helping me out. I can breath now.
                  May I keep the pin please? And have the pear.
                  Hard topic write in a light way. Wonderful.

                  • WriteBeLight

                    Thank you M & M :) Glad I could help!

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