I'm looking for forbidden places
maybe displacements, inconceivable states of being
Or hollow subject beyond seeing
followed by paths of secondaries thoughts.

There prowess have hidden its memories
left under cold, heavy stones
on subsequent nights of faded tones
Compared to over played melodies.

I'm seeking for a voided space
recondite, cancealed on cryptic layers
Where time has veiled its face hermetically, blinding eyes of betrayers.

There lays the verity of temples
uncloaked demystified sleeping
Coiled under vertebrae vapors
musing, probing, desirous, awaiting.

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  • FredPeyer

    Wow, Malu, and you said you are missing vocabulary! Well I guess you found it! 'uncloaked demystified sleeping' is not something you pick up on the street!
    Great poem, I salute you!

    • malubotelho

      Thanks Fred. Well, like you said this language is not found on streets. Perhaps on dictionary. I'm a student of the Gnosticism and this is where it comes from. Before was very secretive but with the internet not so much. One can find the language but it's meaning still left for any one of us to discover. This is why it is forbidden. You can only find it inside you. Within


      Thanks for caring and sharing SISTER ~ a beautiful and contemplative PICTURE & POEM for Sunday ! This is also my experience ! It is not with PEOPLE but in SPIRITUAL & MYSTICAL PLACES that we find GOD and Spiritual Enlightenment ~ Seek SISTER and You will find ~ AMEN Brotherly Love to You # BROTHER BRIAN Please check my Prayer for today "Bridge over Troubled Water" Thanks B.

      • malubotelho

        Thanks brother. You've said all. Have a wonderful Sunday

      • dusk arising

        Malu, you know we shall all see these places again in time and when we do, our earthborn questions will become insignificant as, we relax into the comfort of our spiritual home, our place of re-birth. I think you describe our earthborn quest beautifully here.

        • malubotelho

          I'm replying again because I wrote something wrong on my other comment. I said it is more to be felt and not felled. Sorry about that. It is more to be felt than to be understood. Thanks Dusk. You understand it.

        • ShannonXx

          Absolutely loved this! Some very strong lines

          • malubotelho

            Thanks Shannon. Your comments means a lot to me.

          • WL Schuett

            Good imagery strong poem loved it

            • malubotelho

              Thanks WL. I appreciate your comments. I know it is not the kind of poem I write everyday. Thanks for understanding it.

            • myself and me

              "I'm looking for forbidden places"
              Once you find it, please open the entrance for me. Thank you.

              • malubotelho

                Thanks MM. I know where it is but still not permitted to enter. I let you know if the door opens for me.

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