“Just keep moving. That's all we can do.” she tells her reflection
Her eyes are red from the tears that seem never ending
Never ending like the blood in her wrist, with every new cut, more blood
But the pain from her wrist kept the pain off her heart
and right now she’d do anything to keep from feeling that
No matter how many said she was pretty and perfect
she’d look in the mirror and barely be able to look at herself
No one sees the pain in her eyes, they only complement them
“Your eyes look as though they’re holding back the ocean”
What they don't know Is they are holding back a storm
She let in all the wrong people
The ones that made her question who she is
The ones that made her cry then they laughed at the tears
They made her want to pluck out both her eyes and her heart so they wouldn't see the tears
And she would no longer feel the pain
Her wrist started to become numb to the blade
So she moved down her arm
She felt as if she was on top of a cleft
Getting pushed closer and closer to the edge
Until she's forced to jump


  • Writings From The Unknown13

    wow this relates to me so much i used to cut and in the story is exactly why i was cutting...i can relate to this

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