Sara Storkson

When control becomes normal

Notice of absence from Sara Storkson
Hey guys,
Due to some unforseen personal stuff I will be gone for awhile.

My words don't matter.
I don't matter.
I'm just an object you can keep hidden. I'm your property and yours alone. 
My feelings are "dumb" or "invalid"
You say you love me
And yet
You make it so I'm scared to be creative Too awkward to explain my feelings.
Fuck you.


  • Michael Edwards

    I'm not a lover of bad language when it's used gratuitously but that certainly isn't the case here. That final sentence sums it up brilliantly to make a great poem even stronger. Well written Sara.

    • Sara Storkson

      I totally get that, and I agree with you. I use strong language to convey certain feelings without over doing it.

    • Sara Storkson

      Thank you! I was going through a situation these past few years that..wasn't good. I got myself to a better place. It took all I had to accomplish that and get back to where I was as a writer.

    • lastbadbrad6

      taking charge of yourselfis great more people need to feel this way instead or just living in someone elses world, very well done in writing and real life

    • malubotelho

      Sara, I like your writings. Strong and direct. Contemporary. I was looking to find new generation poets when I found this site so I'm pleased to read you. Thanks also for making favorite my poem: Forbidden

      • Sara Storkson

        Of course doll, and thank you so much♡

      • Candlewitch

        dear Sara,

        I can relate to this piece very well. I was in a situation like this with my family. I basically told them where to get off 🙂 good work and congratulations on a step in the right direction!

        *hugs, Cat

        • Sara Storkson

          I absolutely love hearing from you♡ So positive♡

        • Accidental Poet

          It's your life to live for yourself. Stand your ground. Excellent declaration of your independence. ; )

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