Matters of the Heart


My heart, why do I hate you so much
You don't have a brain and you're too sensitive too touch
You've cost me everything so I don't care, just stop working
All you've ever done is keep me alive to keep me hurting

I pray to God every day to let me go
You keep blood pumping, refusing, with an aggressive 'no'
You don't listen to rhyme or reason
You just feel and you're guilty of treason

You've betrayed me countless times but never like this
My one true love has gone without giving me a final kiss
All I want is to escape from this madness
Please relieve my pain and take away my sadness

You could stop at any moment and I wish you would
But you know better because pain to you is misunderstood
Even when you shouldn't hurt you do
That's all you'll ever know, you haven't a clue

My brain tells me one thing, you tell me another
I hate you, you're the unwanted step-brother
Even when I know my brain makes the most sense
You interfere and cloud my judgement with nonsense

If you don't stop soon, I'll stop you myself
Relinquish your control now and explain yourself
For I am ready to end our relationship
You ended mine so I will end our so called friendship

You've been there from the very start
But now is the end, it's time for us to part
I'm feeling relieved now I know that life really does imitate art
If only you knew you understood your own matters of the heart

Maybe we weren't even friends, you just keep me going
You keep hurting me without even knowing
My mind is clear, I'm going to listen to my brain for the first time
I hate you with everything I have, now the clock ends with a final chime

  • Author: Chris (Offline Offline)
  • Published: August 28th, 2017 08:16
  • Category: Love
  • Views: 27


  • private poet

    I feel your pain. After losing a loved one it is hard being the one left to carry on. Xx


    Welcome CHRIS ~ thanks for your very graphic first poem and pic ! Straight from your HEART ! Many of us have experienced such situations (in my case with a "COUSIN" not with a step sibling) I was left wanting much more than she wanted to give ! Thanksfor sharing ~ please check my Poems ~ Thanks BRIAN (UK)

  • Tony36

    Well written and expressed

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