Angels Weep! (edited)

Wherever innocent men are killed

Angels weep!

Wherever innocent women are raped

Angels weep!

Wherever innocent children are starved

Angels weep!

Wherever religion is used

to hide the arrogance of political

ambition and bottomless greed

Angels weep!


Wherever the glory of God is sought

to be proclaim through the barrel of a gun

Angels weep!

Wherever piety becomes

synonymous  with rapacity

Angels weep!


Wherever morality cowers under the blight

of expediency and compromise

Angels weep!


Wherever Satan is extolled

Humans cry dehumanized

grace & beauty of life

lie ravished and undone

Angels weep!


  • WriteBeLight

    Your points are well made and I like the pattern of your words.

    • rrodriguez

      Thank you so much Kat... your comment is highly welcomed.


      "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." If only we could all live by these words, sadly corruption and greed overwhelms people's hearts. This is a splendid write; maybe someday the angels will stop weeping.

      • rrodriguez

        Thank you James for your kind words. Be blessed!

      • Michael Edwards

        A well expressed poem outlining the ills of modern society - great work.

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