The Fog Did Its Job

I looked out the window,

On this week-day morn.

A dark, gray fog,

Blanketed the corn.


The air was heavy,

So, were my thoughts.

The atmosphere, dismal,

In the murk, I felt caught.


Grabbed some coffee,

And, began to think.

Pondering the moment,

From my cup, I did drink.


As I relaxed in my chair,

I felt my mood lift.

The sky then brightened,

I thought, what a gift.


To be able to sit here,

Have for me, this time.

Just sit and be quiet.

Clear the fog from my mind.


As I looked at the clock,

Thought again, of the fog,

Better move my rear end,

Or, I’ll be late for my job.


  • orchidee

    A pot of tea for you? Probably very English (UK England)! A fine write WBL.

    • WriteBeLight

      Coffee my pal orchidee! Some call it Java, too. Thanks!

    • Louis Gibbs

      Glad your rear end found the motivation to face the day ... or would that be mooning? Anyway, thanks for the light poem to start the day, WBL!

      • WriteBeLight

        Louis: you should do stand up! Ha Ha. Thanks :)

      • FredPeyer

        Great poem, WBL! I can relate, lots of fog in my past. But now? Haven't seen fog for 30 years! Bright blue skies or tropical rain, with nothing in-between!

        • WriteBeLight

          You paid your dues I am sure Fred! Thanks!

        • myself and me

          If the fog could get your job done, then you do not need to move your "rear end". Haha.
          Another writing that light my day.

        • malubotelho

          Coffee is always good to clear the fog. The other day I got a notification from Poshmark and it read: I love coffee because it never asks questions. Nice to read you.

          • WriteBeLight

            Love that Malu! Thanks for the comment!

          • Goldfinch60

            I hope that you weren't late for work, coffee needs to be savoured so the time can just fly by.
            I no longer have that problem as being retired I can savour my coffee all day.

            • WriteBeLight

              I do love my cup of coffee in the morning. First thing I do when I get up is go to the bean grinder and get a pot working! I was not late and did sneek another cup at my desk! Thanks Goldfinch :)

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