Let Myself Go

I’ve heard enough of your lies

You’ll never going to change your ways

Even if you do

It can never erase all the pain

You’ve caused me

I ask myself

“Can I still go on?”

Nervously shaking my head yes

As I go through the motions

My mind says no

But my heart says yes

I can’t seem to let myself go

Not from your presence

I always revert to your opinions

Doubting myself

Seeking for your approval

On how I should live my damn life

It’s time that I let myself go

Away from a viper like yourself

What can you provide for me?


I doubt it because baby we already went down that route

Look where it got me

Stuck in this mental game of yours

Unsure of where I belong in this world

I can’t seem to gather the courage to walk away

But I know that if I do

My life will be so much better

Somehow, I feel guilty for leaving you

It must be my conscience speaking

Reminding me that I still love you

Even though you damaged my heart into a million pieces

Crushing my belief, faith, and confidence

I must let myself go

To be free from any bad karma

I must let myself go

Even though it will be hard at first

I must do it

For the sake of my own happiness

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