Aa Harvey





I could not write your wrongs.

I cannot list your faults.

I only know that you are gone.

You never saw the future I pictured, I built.



Inside my mind a house exists,

A garden of roses, climbing ivy,

Hopeful sunflowers catch the sun.

There are dreams you can try to resist,

But in the end the only story that interests me is a true romance.

A true love story.  A story about love.



You will never know of my heart

And the crater you left as you crashed through my soul.

I could never truly say what I think you are,

Because words could not exist to help you love me.

I have no way to try; so I must let you go.



Your love is his and memories are all the reminders I have of you now.

Fantasies that could never be;

My fictional bliss.

My never was.

My never will be.



My promise to forget is written down.

It will stand there until the end of time.

Written in ink, if I ever think,

Just one line…


I loved you,

Is all that it said.

Pictures in paintings, no longer remaining,

I am removing this vision from my head…



(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.



  • Tony36


    • Aa Harvey

      Thanx. The search for a new love continues...

      I will be chasing a starlight,
      Until the end of my life.
      I don't know if it's worth it anymore.

      Hold you in my arms.
      I just wanted to hold,
      You in my arms."

      • Tony36

        Welcome, great poem

      • myself and me

        "My promise to forget is written down.
        It will stand there until the end of time."
        How can you forget? You will carry them, live with them and move on.
        A heart touching poem.

        • Aa Harvey

          Thank you. At some point you realise that it will never happen and you have to move on...

          "I'm moving on, I'll see you somewhere down the line.
          I'm moving on, we're looking good and feeling fine.
          I'm moving on and you are yours and I'm mine.
          I'll see you somewhere in my dreams.

          I'm moving on, so thanks for all the memories.
          I'm moving on and you can call me Mr. Breeze.
          I'm moving on, life is full of mysteries.
          Nothing is ever what it seems..."

        • FredPeyer

          Beautifully penned poem of love, loss, longing, regret, and finally goodbye!

          • Aa Harvey

            Thank you. It's nice to realise that my poem has so much to say...

            "You know we've got to find a way,
            To bring some lovin' here today...

            Talk to me, so you can see,
            Oh, what's going on.
            (What's going on)
            What's going on.
            (What's going on)
            Yeah, what's going on.
            (What's going on)
            Oh, what's going on...

            Right on baby.
            Right on.
            Right on."

          • Unique

            • Aa Harvey

              "I like to move around to a different beat.
              I'll walk away then smile down my own street
              And I don't really mind why you are fake,
              'cause I am me and that's unique.

              I am living in my own world every day.
              I party by myself in my own way.
              Might look a little funny but that's okay,
              'cause I am me and that's unique.

              I am me and that's unique...

              Why should I be like everybody?
              It's overrated being ordinary.

              I am me and that's unique."

            • dusk arising

              Sad my friend but..... You have experienced a beautiful time which unfortunately did not last..... do not look back upon it without acknowledging the beautiful time that it was. Take that beauty forward into the rest of your life. Know that you have shared beautiful love and that you are worthy. Love will fall into your life again. You wont see it coming. Nice writing.

              • Aa Harvey

                Thanx. I am not in a sad at the moment, I am okay, because I now know what I want from my future and when I do find the right woman, it will be beyond amazing into the never thought possible...

                "Turn around.
                Look at what you see,
                In her face.
                The mirror of your dreams.

                Make believe I'm everywhere,
                Given in the light.
                Written on the pages,
                Is the answer to a never ending story...

                Reach the stars,
                Fly a fantasy.
                Dream a dream
                And what you see will be."

                • dusk arising

                  Thats really good to read and those verses in your reply are superb (are they yours? have you published? I want to see the whole plse). Exactly what i was trying to say and its refreshing to see the positivity in you compared to the writing upon which i was commenting. Please comment upon some of my work.

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