emotional girl

Broken but happy

I never realized how lonely I felt until I finally felt wanted

  For the first time in a long time I got to get away and connect with people

   But when the time came and we had to go home I was the only one not excited


I didn't know why until we were driving away from the only place I finally felt good 

  And the change in feeling was so heartbreaking I didn't know it was that bad until that moment

  I just wanted to cry, it felt like my heart was ripped out of me and smashed into a million pieces


I had never felt more alone in my life or maybe I always felt this way

  But I was just so used to the pain to the point I didn't even know I was in pain 

  I was pretending for so long that it just became the way I was


  I thought I was accepting my pain and becoming stronger but all it did was sink me down deeper

  I always thought I was better then I used to be until I saw the old me

  The always happy with big dreams me


That me is gone now I have grown since then and faced the hardships of life

  So I am going to have to shape and recreate this new me

  And become the broken but happy me not the old who I used to be me.







  • EmoQueen

    beautiful. let your voice guide you

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