There was this girl name Sally in my class


There was the girl name Sally in my class.


Sally put on a smile everyday in front of her friends.


But in her soul all she felt was fear.


She was scared of the aardvark in her own home.


The man who physically, emotionally, and mentally broke her in hafe.


Sally was the prom queen. The most hottest girl in school. The girl who was rude to people so she could feel something.


Even though she knew in the end she would feel nothing.


Sally knew there was one way out.


So one day at night she looked at the moon and knew it would be over soon.


She jumped and she was gone.


Sally was the girl that couldn't take the abuse from a man. 


A man she thought she could called dad.


An aardvark.

  • Author: NikitaPassmore (Offline Offline)
  • Published: September 3rd, 2017 16:04
  • Category: Family
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    Thanks for sharing NIKITA ~ Fortunately I did Classics at school ~ so was able to translate. We have had previous Poems on parental abuse and (like the others) it makes very very sad reading. Often it does lead to suicide. Castration and life imprisonment is too good for such Men ~ the Electric chair would be a more appropriate solution ! Please check my Poems Thanks BRIAN

  • Diane

    poignant poem. Not always clear whats going on inside from the outside. Our parents should be the anchor that keeps us balanced and grounded. Its difficult to reach out...

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