sometimes I get in the shower 
Because I am bored
Because I have nothing left to say 
Nothing left to think 
Nothing left to do 
Nothing left to act upon 
so I stand in the shower 
and i feel the water tingle against my skin
sometimes I don't say enough 
my thoughts manifest in my mind
but my words are suffocating like it is leftovers wrapped in Saran Wrap
sometimes i say too much 
without enough time to think about words
as the spill and bubble out of my mouth
and are birthed into the world 
sometimes I don't sleep 
I toss and turn 
I think about the small stresses,
sometimes I sleep too much
I sleep all day
Ignoring my problems
I sleep all day
I can't make up my mind on who I am 
because sometimes I feel lost in my emotions 
and sometimes I feel found in my feelings
I feel way too familiar with the back and forth 
sometimes I see black and white 
and sometimes I can't recognize the colors  I am looking at
am I blue?
am I white 
and I grey 
and I found in between but i know some days i am happy 
sometimes I am sad

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