it follows

It follows me when I look at child playing in the park it follows me when I see two lovers embracing in the dark
It follows me when when I leave the dream world laying in a bed so big it follows me I'm alone at restaurant eating like a pig
Do you see it do you know it's name

It follows me in my dreams
It never was what it seemed
Left a sharp pain in my heart
Wish I saw it from the start
To the wind my heart was thrown
Now I walk this path alone

It follows me in the dark and into the light.
This endless presence within me fights
A conscious that tells me to do what is good and right.
To always listen to my better half. Oh, how I wish I might.
Guilt sometimes takes it over and wears it down.
But, with repentance a stronger conscious I have found.

I’m followed by the wind
It speaks its whispering song
In answer to rescind
each long lamented wrong.
The wind shows me no ill
And soon I walk in peace
but tho' the wind blows still
My ills will never cease.
Michael Edwards

it follows me at dusk,
turns my soul into a dry husk
of what it was when I was cheery,
as the sunlight fades to dreary.

It follows me, I follow it
And we go nowhere
But we don't care
We stare into the abyss
And kiss in it's wake
We've staked it all on our love,
Come ravens, or doves.

It follows me where ever I go.
This memory that I can not leave behind.
In my face does it ever show?
It will follow me till the end of time.

It follows you, with stride
Taking pride in it's game
Of hide and seek
You peek around, can't see
The entity surrounding you,
Pounding your heart for entry
The centuries' old sentry.

Hood - Assassin
Look behind: I follow
Oh yes; it follows…
From under his hood
eyes wide & alert
stalking down his prey
kills then drifts away
From within the dark
moving silent & fast
tracking down his prey
slain then hides away
I am the assassinator
Undetectable violator
Merciless exterminator
I am the shadow chaser
Unseen assassinator
Merciless exterminator
Hidden from any view
moving swiftly as a deer
chasing down his man
murdered as he ran
Feel my eyes bore into your skull
Feel my breath upon your neck
You turn but cannot see me
Your death will come discreetly
Behind his dark eyes
senses pure & clear
hunting down his man
another perfect plan
Look away; I followed
Oh yes; it followed…you!


  • Santita

    This whole thing is great!

    Hood! you killed it with assasin ( no pun intended)!

    • Hood.


      Yes that was the intention!

    • Mugsdaddy

      This is better than I could have imagined great finish thank you all I really feel like I belong. I'm like an infant compared to all of you but with your support I feel that I'm moving in the right direction. Thanks again we did good

    • Candlewitch

      I love it all, and the grand finish on it. Mugs, you are a part of our family, for sure!

      ever, eddy
      *hugs, Cat

    • UnspokenVoice92

      Intense.. Almost sinister. Goosebumps

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