A smile. Laughter in the distance, the background is filled with inaudible voices. 


A glance. Attempts to impress fall short in the eyes of one, but not the other. 


A question. Anticipation of the answer is palatable.


A sunset. The sky was illuminated with every shade of red, pink, vibrant orange. We knew it was just for us. 


Fast forward two months. There is noise, but we can't hear it. All you could hear was your heartbeat, all I could hear were my thoughts. 


A kiss. It was simple, it was pure, it was right. It was love. 


A hope. We shared it, though it was never spoken outright. 


A love. Stronger than any other emotion. It filled the spaces in my heart that had been pierced. 


A secret. It hurt more than one person in more ways than one. 


A commitment. It no longer exists; just as your promises, it crumbled at the first sign of trouble. 


It was too easy, it would never have worked anyways. It was too fast. You can't understand love yet- those were the lies I both heard and told myself. 


A pain. So severe and searing, it had to have left physical and emotional scars. 


A commitment. One stayed, the other left. 


A secret. It tore the two who had been one apart.


A love. It remains in a box, not unlike pandoras. 


A hope. It, unlike love, no longer remains. It flickers briefly when eyes meet, then fades like a dying ember. 


A kiss. A physical expression of affection. It can bring people together, or it can push them apart. Passionate, loving, tender yet forceful. It was powerful. It was beautiful with the right person. 


A sunset. No longer can I truly enjoy it without the memories flooding back, like a hole in a dam.. they trickle through at first, then the wall collapses and everything goes black and white. 


A question. The answer has been given, but not accepted. 


A glance. Our eyes meet, and we know. We both wonder what could have been. 


A smile. Smiling is a rarity these days. 


  • Louis Gibbs

    I like the affect of the two-word intros to each phrase ... a very effective technique and a fine write! Welcome to MPS. I look forward to more from you, 'my'.

    • myleealollar1945

      Thank you, Louis! I tried to lead up to the 'turning point', (It was too easy..) By leading with the same intros, and the descent with the same two words.

    • Sunflowers Bloom

      Really really enjoyed this piece


      WELCOME MYLEE ~Thanks for a very elegant and meaningful First Poem. The ups and downs and ins and outs of LOVE is something we can all emphasise with ! The phrase "We both wonder what could have been" is alas the epithet to many a promising love affair that could have gone anywhere but actually went NOWHERE. Being a Single Man (in the 30 ~ 35- zone) I always say "Better to have loved and lost than never to have LOVED at all" However I feel that attitude is easier for Men Than Ladies. Thanks for caring and sharing ~ Yours BRIAN (UK) Please check my Poems ~ Thanks B.

      • myleealollar1945

        Thank you so much for the encouraging reply! I agree with you, Brian. It IS better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all.. but there is the argument that "The mob is fickle, caesar, and how much more so the human heart.."

      • FredPeyer

        A very beautiful first poem here, m.
        Well written, well crafted. I do like it a lot. And I agree with the last line. We all should give away a lot more smiles!

      • myself and me

        Start from A smile, end with A smile. A love story replay by itself forward, reward.
        Love, you could never understand.
        Very beautiful writing. Welcome to this site.

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