Adult Relationship

He's nervous.
I can tell.
He won't look at me.
He won't speak to me.
He won't even put his arm around me.
We sit quietly watching the movie.
We go home and don't text for days.
Is this an adult relationship?
I feel like a middle schooler.
Adults are just large children.
We’re still kids.
He calls me.
We go out again.
This date is even worse.
He's still scared.
I decide to end things.
I can't always make the first move.
I want to be an adult.
I want an adult relationship.
I’m done being a kid.



    Thanks RUBY (lovely name !) Great free verse poem ~ full of go and flow ~ like you wanted to get this relationship out of your mind ! My Lady friends tel me there are Men like that no LIBIDO and often nothing sensuous to offer a Lady ! OMG I remember Middle School and Girls scared us ! BUT after I was 16 it all changed ~ and for the last 18 years I have always tried to make my Ladies smile ! I'm "normal" Ruby so there are plenty of Guys out there just like me who know how to treasure and pleasure a Lady ~ like you who wants ~ An Adult Relationship ~ Trust you find a REAL MAN SOON ! Yours BRIAN (UK) Pleae check my Poems ~ Thanks B.

    • ruby.e

      Thanks and I will

    • dusk arising

      Nice writing Ruby. I hope the dilemma of your poems contents is a thing of the past. Beware of certain lecherous poets on here LOL. Please comment on my stuff.

      • ruby.e

        Thanks and I will go read some right now😁

      • LAWLESS

        Well expressed and well written. I've been an adult for 32 years now, it gets a lot easier to be grown up. 30 years old was my crossroad.

        • ruby.e

          Thanks. So many guys are physically adults but mentally middle schoolers.

          • LAWLESS

            I mentioned 30 years old, that's when a lot of men fully mature. Ladies on the other hand, in my case, mature much more rapidly. Luckily at the age of 20, I met a woman that tolerated my shortcomings. We've been together for 30 years. I know we're idiots, but hopefully one day you'll find the right idiot! 😜

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          • FredPeyer

            I do like the way you write, ruby, straight forward and honest.
            And your poem touches at an age-old truth. When we are young, we want to be older, then, when we are old we want to be younger!
            Every age has its beauty and its challenges.

            • ruby.e

              Thank you that's how I like writing. And very true statement.

            • myself and me

              "I’m done being a kid."
              One day, you will reverse this statement.
              Nice writing.

              • ruby.e

                That is probably true, but I defiantly don't want a middle school relationship again haha

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