Samreen Chowdhury

They let me die (rape scene)

One more scream.
One last shout.
One last "help"
Nothing,no one came for me,I stopped breathing normally,I cried in horror.
I moved around unusual bones in despair.
There was no one out there that cared.



    Thanks SAM for caring and sharing. In my role as a Student Counselor (16+) I appreciate that to be RAPED is one of the most degrading and humiliating experience that can happen to a LADY. My MUM taught me to be very gentle and caring to Ladies and I always am. You are precious and merit TLC in all your activities. Screaming ~ Shouting ~ No one Caring makes it even worse. I weep for all abused Ladies and as for the Men ~ Castration then Life Imprisonment or more appropriate The Electric Chair ~ Yours BRIAN ~ Please check my poems ~ Thanks B.

    • Samreen Chowdhury

      I appreciate your concern,thankyou very much

    • lasergraph

      It is a sad scene. There have been scenes like this where people were in apartments close by but no one wanted to get "involved". I hoped our society is better than this but it seems we have a way to go.

    • ShannonXx

      This is a painful read but written so well

    • Simple-Man87

      Powerful, in so few words. Thank you for sharing.

    • Candlewitch


      a painful subject brought to light! good work! it hits home.

      *hugs, Cat

    • dusk arising

      There are those of us who care a great deal. Difficult for a man to show caring when he might be construed as another threat.

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