Water flows over my skin, I'm purposely breathing it in.
 I sink down to the bottom, my legs tied in a lead. I'm sinking,sinking, I cannot breathe.
 I've reached the bottom, I touch the sand, soon I will be in Wonderland. I close my eyes, but when I wake. I'm surrounded by a lake
 a lake of fire and screaming men, this is hell...my wonderland



    WELCOME FRIEND ~ THANKS FOR YOUR FIRST POEM ! You will enjoy MPS it is an empathetic site ! being Poets most of us are slightly MAD and Poetry is very Cathartic. When our end does come we all expect to end up in Paradise but there are alternative and we don;t know where we're going ~ until we get there ! Much food for thought in this SEXTET Yours BRIAN (UK)

  • Nicholas Browning

    Wonderland is a fantastic place.

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