Drunk - on life?
Is that just an excuse
To drink the booze-
To hit the nightlife?


Drunk - to forget?
Do I become more numb
To hide what I've become?
The need of a drink and cigarette


Drunk - to function?
The happy face I present
To make me look brilliant-
To be able to hold conference!


Drunk - just drunk!
Who do I kid? I just drink
I can no longer hoodwink
You - it's all a front!


Drunk - I'm a mess!
Open another crate-
To that I can relate!
It's too late I confess!


Drink - takes me to the brink,
Reasons? See the above!
Alcohol - the continual buzz-
With or without it I will sink!


  • lasergraph

    I was drinking a beer while I reading this, but I wasn't drunk.

    • sue.evans

      All is good in moderation🍺Enjoy your beer! Thanks for reading😊

    • Michael Edwards

      I love the way this is penned Sue- great read.

      • sue.evans

        Thank you 😊

      • Mugsdaddy

        I was a drunk many years ago, I can truly relate to most every line. Excellent work

        • sue.evans

          Thank you 😊 I think alcohol is some how not seen as addictive as drugs or seen that it causes as much damage but it is just as addictive and destructive.

        • dusk arising

          Booze can be like that can't it. It's enjoyable in small measure but somehow its real easy to overdo it without realising. No body wants the awful result which is a hang-over so that proves the point. I think your piece conveys this very well.

          • sue.evans

            Thank you 😊

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