When you ask me what love is, 

I ask why

Because truth is, I couldn't tell you

Most people would say they've been in love

Then they'd tell you it's a waste

I'd simply ask why

When I think of someone I love, 

It isn't just a random person with whom I ran into and locked eyes with

It's the person who makes me feel alive

The person who no matter what keeps me happy

And most people loath that

Most people love it

Again, you ask me what love is

I ask why

Because again, I couldn't tell you

You'd have to know it

Love doesn't have true words, not always at least

So please, ask me what love is

I'll tell you

But first, I'll ask why



    Thanks BRIE ~ In my experience Love is elusive ~ Just when you think you have it and then it disappears ! I do ask WHY ~ but also (being older) I have to also ask HOW ~ WHEN ~ WHAT & WHERE ! Thanks for caring & sharing ~ Yours BRIAN (UK) Please check my Poem ~ SEVEN ROSES .......... Thanks B.

  • dark_energy

    I wish I had an answer.. I love this!

  • Isabella

    This one is beautiful. I would be lying if I tried to comprehend the huge beast that is love. I don't know crap. But I love that you know how to just feel it.

    • Brie

      Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it, Isabella!

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