Elizabeth Locorriere


I fear time, 

I'm afraid that I'll spend too much time falling in love with your lips and not enough time falling in love with your eyes,

I fear that I'll spend too much time lying down with you and not enough time walking with you,

The amount of time we have is sacred- whether it be years or months, it will run out, and I fear I'll regret how I spent it.

When I make love to you I want it to last for days, not minutes or hours.

When you tell me you love me I want those words to come out slower,

Slower so I have more time to watch them leave your mouth and my ears to dance to the sound of your voice.


I fear time, 

I fear that my clock that we gracefully sit upon will stop ticking and it wont be a case of replacing the batteries.

Every time I laugh with you I mourn with you, because my heart knows those laughs will not last forever,

and although my mind will remember those laughs we shared, my ears will eventually forget how it sounded.


I fear time,

I fear that when our time runs out you'll tell me I should have spent more time falling in love with your lips, 

more time lying down, and less time making love. 

I fear that one day we'll bump into each other on the corner of a street and reminisce about those times.


I fear, that you don't fear time like I do.


  • Mugsdaddy

    Amazing, sureal, Beautiful. You truly conveyed just what a treasure every single moment is.

  • Liberty_Shadows

    Beautiful poem!

  • Gary Edward Geraci

    Your poem's final line sums up, quite classically, the paradigm of the "non-committed" lover: free spirited and empty of feelings for another in a short period of "Time". This is not the design of true love that we were created for; that you or me were created for. We deserve much better: a nobler and permanent love where with the passing of time, there are no fears and love grows stronger. Your poem is honest and follows this out to its logical conclusion. Thank you for your honesty.


    Welcome EMILA ~ Thnaks for your first Poem which is excellent ! When I comment on a Poem ~ I never mention SPELLING (UK & American is different any way !) or GRAMMAR ~ Modern Poetry follows neither ! What I do comment on is the Shape of the Poem and its SUBJECT. Both yours are excellent ! TIME (as you point out) is elusive and for LADIES each moment is a precious jewel and for MEN just passing ~although it does dominate SPORT ! You repeat the MANTRA "I fear time" and your reasons are well stated in Verse 1. You want "Making Love" to slow down and for every beautiful thing to last forever ~ Quickies are anathema ! V2. In my experience all ladies are aware of "The Ticking (Biological) Clock ~ for men time is just a convenient inconvenience ! I have never worn a watch my World (A College) is saturated with CLOCKS ! V3. The Men's perspective ~ we live in a very active World where 5 minutes Foreplay is adequate ~ whereas my GF Angela ~ prefers an hour (as do all ladies !). love you final line it sum up the TIME difference beween YIN & YANG ! On more than one occasion ANGELA has said to ME "Brian You look at TIME differently from Me" so i can empathise ! Thanks for caring & sharing ~ more please ~ BRIAN (UK) Please check my poems ~ Thanks B.

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