Elizabeth Locorriere

Purple Lake



I'll swim in purple lakes with you forever.

I'll be glad for the landscape,

I'll swallow the ultraviolet.


I'll dream of you every night,

Under those purple lights,

I'll embrace the lost journey.


Can we meet?

Down by that purple lake,

I'll be the greatest love for you to hate.


Forget purple, 

We can paint it pink,

Forget pink,

We can paint it any colour you like,

I'll do anything for you if you take me down to that lake.


You are that purple wire that runs through me,

I need to keep typing because I never get to speak of you like this,

And it hurts because you should have been more.


I offered to change the colour of my lake for you.

Bring me home my love.

Let's go back to White and find that guy who found you pretty,

Please let me show you off again.


Let's find a purple lake,

Even if we spend the rest of our lives searching.

In between is so much better than being on the outside.








    Well AMELIA I did promise ! I love Poetry that is Raw & Real ~ straight from you loving HEART and not your cool HEAD ! I love this poem and the Invitation ! Purple is my fave colour ~ i'm in purple & grey today ! UV has much more energy than IR (infrared) and Purple Lakes ~ Mountains ~ Skies are the choice of SF and Royalty and Spirituality ~ POWERFUL ! V1. Paints an awesome (as in your visual) picture of an ethereal & eternal Planet V2. Deep Purple light and a Journey V3. Plea for a Tryst and a Promise of Love ! V4. Rejection of Fantasy (purple) cri de coeur for PINK or any colour ! Your only desire is to Have Him at the Lake ! V5. Plea for a Meeting ~ or a Betrothal ~ V6. Desire to be brighter than PINTEREST (BRIGHTER ? OMG it's my fave site !) V6. Purple Wire (or should that be WINE ?) Letter but not speech ~ rejection ? V7. I love your FLEXIBILITY (for love) BUT is it enough ? In this dynamic poem you pen a Perfect story of Purple but Unrequited love ! Thanks for sharing ~ excellent ~ Poetic Hugs for a new & exciting Poet ~ Yours Brian

  • Β π‘…πŸ‘π’·π’Ύπ“ƒ 𝑅𝑒𝒷𝒾𝓇𝓉𝒽

    Just love how your colors spark its creatively well penned

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