Daylight Dawning

Tune: Regent Square

('Lord of beauty, thine the splendour')

Matthew 3 v.14-25 parts


To Galilee, Capernaum

Did Christ the Son of God come

Land upon the sea coast, set on

Bordering there Zebulon

In Nepthalim too, north country

Was His glorious presence, see


To Jews and to Gentiles came He

As Isaiah's prophecy

People rise, bright hopes abounding

To your Saviour praises sing

You which sat in darkness now know

Light of Christ which He does show


'Tis a great light, all illuming

Does life and salvation bring

They who sat in region, shadow

Of death, to them light bestow[ed]

Light sprang up, end of woe, mourning

Christ transforming everything


There His ministry continued

Bodies, souls, spirits renewed

Teaching, preaching, healing, prayer, praise

Now has come salvation's days

In town, country, to all peoples

Message of the gospel calls


Gospel of the kingdom preached then

All manner sickness healed when

Jesus met with poor and needy

Knowing what each their need be

Good news, gospel, for all prevails

Stay no more 'neath death's dark veils






  • orchidee

    Thanks A.

  • myself and me

    The first to experience "darkness" will be the first to see light.
    I see light in this piece. Thank you.

  • samreen Chowdhury

    This is truly wonderful!

  • Accidental Poet

    I can hear a choir singing this. Beautiful orchidee. ; )

    • orchidee

      Heehee, just as long as you can't hear ME singing it! Meowwooo! Hear me? Or is that two cats fighting?!

    • Goldfinch60

      May his light shine on us forever.

    • orchidee

      Thanks all. The light has dawned!

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