The ability to write a poem

Where does it come from?

Is it the inspiration in the moment

Or imagination of future memories to come?

For some it's personal experience

Expressing what has happened to them

The terrors of darkness or glories of light

It's value is higher than that of a gem.

For some it's the mind

To dream a dream of a better tomorrow

Setting aside the wrongs of the world

Escape the sorrow.

For me.... It's my heart

I transfer to paper the things that haunt me

Lurking within sanity's periphery 

Harnessing the inspiration that prompts me.

So keep writing the good write

Regardless how brief the joys seem

It proves that all walks of life

Can come together and share their dream


  • orchidee

    A fine poem about poems S.

    • Simple-Man87

      Thank you for reading Orchidee. I appreciate the compliment.

    • Santita

      The beauty of writing & poetry is that it is unique to us all. Everyone writes their own way, and can connect with a writing vastly different from their own. Great piece & flow, I see your writing improving the more you post, SM.

      • Simple-Man87

        Thank you. I guess as long as I'm moving forward. Your compliment was kind.

      • Goldfinch60

        Very good write and very true, poems come from all over but we each have our own style.

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