Edward Charles McDevitt


The test I had this morning really was quite brutal,

It had to be done or things would be just fugal.

I waited in between three sections of the test,

Now that it is over I may finally get some rest.

Filling me with radiation and photos of my heart,

Luckily was the first of many they did start.

They set my next appointment which I thought was late,

It's in their hands right now trusting in my fate.

If by chance there is something going wrong,

I hope they inform me as we go along.

The tech in there told me everything seemed fine,

That just gives me hope and possibly a sign.

Everything is good and I will be okay.

Then I can go merrily along my normal way!

I'd like to thank everyone, all the friends I know,

If only I had something for each of you to show.

Just how great it is to have friends like you,

For being on this journey from the start too!

Somehow just thanking doesn't seem enough,

Even though this journey has been really rough.

Thanks for the comments and wishes to get well,

If not face to face, this site's where I can tell.

What you mean to me, being's you're my friend.

I'll be right beside you up till the very end!


  • orchidee

    Good poem E.
    As I've said, I believe you have a good heart, in a 'psychological' or 'emotional' meaning of 'heart'. yet I believe it in a 'physical' sense too.
    'Heart' is a very spiritual word. It can mean the literal heart, and the essential part of us, our centre. Well, our heart is in the 'centre' of our body so..... .
    Thinking bit deep here. Got headache now for doing that! (lol).

    • Edward Charles McDevitt

      Well Orchidee, that's just what we do.. We put too much stress on ourselves when it comes right down to it.. Yes, our Heart is our core, yet our mind can take us SO many places.. Away from all the disarray in this world to a place all our own. I know EXACTLY what you mean! As always, thank you for your comments and advice as well. It is always welcome here!!!!!

    • Christina8

      I loved your write, it's odd because I wrote a poem about MPS friendship today. I really hope everything turns out okay for you. Hope to read more of your writes!

      • Edward Charles McDevitt

        Thanks Christina! I'll be writing one today about the chairs that I found.. I really appreciate your comment and will have to read the one you wrote..

      • Goldfinch60

        Good sincere write Edward, it seems as though all is going well so before long you will be able to go forward with your life. Well done.

        • Edward Charles McDevitt

          Thanks Goldfinch! Today's will be Treasures (2).. About the chairs!

        • FredPeyer

          Edward, this site seems to help quite a few people in different ways. And somehow I feel like we are all family.
          So, thank you for your well written poem!

          • Edward Charles McDevitt

            Hey Fred my friend! Thanks for the comment, it's so appreciated to be received so well by fellow writers such as yourself!!!

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