SAPPHIRE ~ Birthstone for
SEPTEMBER ~ Blue of the Sky
and Sea~ symbol of
Virtue and Truth and Wisdom
I always wear a SAPPHIRE
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The gemstone of March
is lovely aquamarine
Blue like the ocean
Symbol of youth, hope, & health
Aquamarine is the best!

The gemstone of July
is Ruby Red
Red like Dorothy's shoes
Ruby a color to remember

A diamond is a girls best friend
at least that's what they say,
I'd like an amethyst please
A big purple emerald cut, okay?
I had one once as a graduation gift
But now it's nowhere to be seen, ever!
I'd do anything for that ring back
I'm afraid it's lost, to be seen again-never!

A favorite gemstone you ask of me?
But there are just so many you see!
Of every color the the spectrum seen by eye
They're radiance and clarity making me sigh
But if I have to choose just one
I find lazulite quite fun.

EMERALDS born in the heart of BRAZIL
MILLIONS of years ago - So cherish them
EVERY ONE represents the heat & strain of that
REGAL NATION as she fought and bled for Freedom
AS AN INDEPENDENT NATION ~ Your Emeralds show the
LOVELINESS of your LADIES and the lush GREENNESS of all your
DALES & VALLEYS and the value of BRAZIL ~ to the Whole Wide World
Thanks for READING please add another GEMSTONE POEM ~ BRIAN ~ XOX

I already have diamonds, you see
given to me by my love, long ago
when we made our vows at the altar
it was heartfelt, not a show.
I have a Marquis shaped stone
I think it's the most majestic thing I own
But I'd give it up in a heartbeat
If it meant I'd have to live without him-alone

Emeralds are lovely & bright green!
They are great for shiny jewelry
because from afar they can be seen!
Emeralds are suited for royal Queens!


  • bluejay

    Sapphires are my favorite as they are my birthstone...i love the description...and I love how you used Princess Diana.


      THANKS JESSIE ~ For your encouraging comment ~ SAPPHIRES are cool and beautiful ! Princesses Diana was exceptionally beautiful in both Appearance & Character ! Her Boys ~ William & Harry lost a wonderful MUM and last Month was the 20th Anniversary of her tragic death ! Harry's Girl Friend is mixed race and we hope they will get married next Year ~ so they can start a Family ! His GF is American (as you know) working and living in Canada ! Harry with his work with "Disabled Veterans" is very like his Mum. Diana would have been a perfect QUEEN ! Yours BRIAN

      • bluejay

        Diana died the day before I was born and I try to channel her love for others every day

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