I hate it. 

I let you into my perfectly flawed world, and watched you tear it down.

 It, it isn't just anything... it's who I am. 

I am this lost girl silenced by those who are broken themselves. 

And that's just who I meant to be.

I look at my scars, and the world around me is dark and grey.

I look at you, and I make myself believe that grey is more than just that.

I am hallucinating in my own hallucination. 

I want to make myself believe that my world will be more than just scars with you.

My scars are from you.

That's why I see grey.

I want to see something more but I can't.

It, it has blinded me.

I don't want this feeling that I am feeling, but I can't stop feeling it. 

Why am I trapped in this world that I didn't want to be in. 

You tore mine down, now I'm stuck in this grey one. 

I hate it. 




  • ron parrish aka wordman

    sounds like a lonely place

  • Clock King

    This is turely a tragedy. I feel for it.

    Im not sure if anyone will agree with me. I LOVED this poem but it lost a little points when you ecplained "it" in the bio. It seems the poem has mysterious vibe by calling it "it" then you basically shout out that it was love. Idk. To me it kinda ruined the vibe.

    Your poem was excellent at describing and showing us it without needin an explanation.

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