I can’t feel

They say being in love is like being in the ocean. And not being in love is as though you have never drank a day in your life.

So i walked to the beach and I dug and I climbed and I scraped to get into the water but it is like an invisible layer of self doubt,heartbreak and insecurity will not let me through.

all I can do is stand on the surface and look in at everyone else.

i cried mountains hoping the tears would form a pool for me to float in but they say it is not the same. 

I tried to find water in others that were dehydrated and I looked for thirst in material objects and toxic quantities.

but no matter what I try I still feel like im still sitting on that rock peering in at everyone in the water.

When all I want to do is fucking drown.


  • Wingsforbill08

    Oh this is tragic on a serious note i wouldnt say this to anyone i do not know but my partner died 2 years ago 2day on my door step and my little brother aged 25 died may this year! if im still going you have too life the biggest bit of shit ive excepted and there is no reason im weak as fuck but i cant see someone else blue please contact me if you need a friend x

  • Christina8

    This is a really well written write. Such a poignant poem. I hope it was cathartic to write. Thanks for sharing as others on this site are going through similar situations as you. I hope you find we are a very supportive community. So, welcome! Your last line is so sad! But then again your first two lines blew me away because they are so true! You are so talented! Great job on this. Hope better days are ahead.

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