The Creature

The creature stalks through the night

Searching for prey




It doesn't matter

If it's meat

The creature feeds


Horns of a bull

Head of a deer

Body of a goat

Arms of a lion

Feet of a rabbit

Razor sharp fangs

Eyes the color of blood

Those are the agreed upon facts


Some say it breathes fire

Some say it can teleport

Some say it can shoot lightening from it's hands


Most people have only seen one

However there are people

Who claim to have seen more than one


How old is this thing

No one knows for sure

Some say since the beginning of time

Some say it is older than that

What is known

Is that

 The cavemen have seen it

And sketched a recorded record on the walls of their caves

There have been Writings

Found in the ancient pyramids of Egypt

That detail the creatures activities

Even the Ancient Druids

Have written records of the creature

So this thing has been around

A very long time


Over the years

Cults and Secret Societies

Have formed to worship the creature

Offering both

Human and animal sacrifices to it

In hopes to 

Avoid becoming dinner themselves


Still today it hunts

Lurking in the shadow of night



For the proper time

To feed upon it's prey



  • rrodriguez

    Great write Tony. Welcome back.

    • Tony36

      Thank You

    • FredPeyer

      Wow, Tony, you nailed it with this one! Fascinating reading. Kudos!

      • Tony36

        Thank You

      • UnspokenVoice92

        Made me so anxious..

        • Tony36

          Thank You

        • Fay Slimm.

          Good to see you back posting Tony and a scary creature you create d for sure - will be looking under my bed tonight.

          • Tony36

            Thank You

          • lasergraph

            A scary creature indeed. I will keep a watch out.

            • Tony36

              Thank You

            • Goldfinch60

              Very good write. It is OK I will not be around your way tonight so you can go out without fear.

              • Tony36

                tHANK yOU

              • Edward Charles McDevitt

                Wow Tony, that was excellent! It sent shivers down my spine.. A very good write and I look forward to more!

                • Tony36

                  tHANK YOU

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