To Fall Asleep

To Fall Asleep


He cannot sleep because she’s not there

Half his bed has turned to dust

Half his heart has stopped beating

Half his soul has left this Earth

And parts of him have gone missing

Though he’s kept himself from crying

He’s still awake and still is trying


To fall asleep


When she was near, her love was binding

The two of them entwined as one

Now she’s gone and he is finding

breaking apart he’s come undone

She was the wrap that kept him warm

Silenced his rage and eased the storm

Yet, he wonders why he’s not begun


To fall asleep


He had never meant to love her

It happened purely by accident

Like a car skidding on black ice

She was not in that car, only her scent

her picture on the dash, and a bottle of Jack

He remembers hearing Cohen’s “Hallelujah”

a tepid rendition, but he never meant


To fall asleep


He recalls the flashing-light mayhem

can see again that cursed lamppost

and he hears the cracking of the windshield.

The sensation of the pain returns…almost.

After the crash he realized,” You reap what you sow.”

His life had been changed forever, but now

it’s just a nightmare and he can’t seem


To fall asleep


She was the center of his world

His wife, his one and only love

The reason he had fought to go on living

Now, as he stares at the ceiling above

and recalls her nearness and her tender touch

Without her he knows he cannot go on

If she were here, perhaps he’d relax enough


To fall asleep


But yesterday she said her goodbyes

to the burden of his care

It forced her to tell another of her little lies

But he knew she was having an affair

Perhaps, she was under her secret lover’s spell

He remembered leaving a note whereon it said

“When you see this I’ll be dead

but I’ll see you in this suicide they call Hell.”


And once again he tries

to fall asleep.


  • Goldfinch60

    Very strong grief stricken write but very well penned.

    • MendedFences27

      Thank you. Yes, such events can cause strong emotions.

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