What is it that makes a noble man does it start at Birth with the name of his clan
Is it something he does at the start of his day or the fact that he does things in his very own way
Must he be a king or of noble birth tall and thin or have great girth
Could it be in his heart no one knows for sure like a knight of old or a virgin pure
How about nobility could be just this kind and gentle words or a loved ones kiss
Maybe helping out a stranger when others walk away or when a loved one says to leave but instead you decide to stay
And can anyone be Noble is there a prerequisite must you have money and social status is that all there is to it
I don't what it is to be Noble I don't know what to do but I'll always be true to myself and I'll always be true to you

Held by the many as signs of nobility:
hereditary rank and social class,
but these have no bearing nor hold the key:
A high moral character with engaging elements
courage and honour and not forgetting
interaction with others through social intelligence
Never effecting gay reckless abandon
but ever through effort continually asserted
to reach resolution with appearance of random.
Though able to offer unparalleled passion
Awareness compassion and understanding
inform nobles with instinctive expression
In deportment the head always held high
Unequaled in power, respect and attraction
A man who looks everyone full in the eye.
Michael Edwards

What does it take to be noble,
I can tell you I haven't a clue.
It has to be more than just money
And having a big heart might do.
Being noble is more than just your station,
Or how we are perceived.
It is more about helping people,
No matter what others believed.
Being king might be good for your ego,
Knowing that you're in command,
But it doesn't compare, to feelings that's there
When you simply hold out your hand.
If you spend all your life searching for power, And riches to keep locked away,
The feeling of grandeur is fleeting,
But it's what's in your heart that will stay.

Players (Noble & totally corrupt)
From Reptilian, via Bloodlines to the Vatican
From Henry Kissinger straight to the Illuminati
From the Rothschild dynasty to global conspiracy
They are all players, players in this illusion
From Rockefeller, via Jesus to the shape-shifters
From Leonardo da Vinci straight to Adolf Hitler
From the Royal Family and their links to the Nazi
They are all players, players in this confusion
Fill this trench with barbed wire
Before the players attack
Fill this trench with burning tyres
Before the players strike
We're the last line of defence
Stand firm, stand tall
Into the trench, our foes will fall
As one we stand as a human fence
Stand strong, stand brave
The trench will be, their final grave
From Exxon, via the Freemasons to the Priory of Sion
From alien invasion straight to the Bilderberg Group
From the Global Elite delivering the lies and deceit
They are all players, players in this manipulation
From the Knights Templar to Friday the thirteenth
From the Bush administration into mind control
From the Marlborough family to the Freemasons
They are all players, players in this domination

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