Elephant In The Room


Elephant in the room

I'm gonna attempt and clear the air
Bring attention to something and make you aware
I do not believe in gods or follow any religions
I believe it to be a work of fiction
I have come to the conclusion
That it's all an illusion
But I don't know for sure
And I need more proof to concur
I have researched it thoroughly through out all my life
Crawled through the dark and walked in the light
And I am in no way telling you what's wrong or right
I just choose not to believe i don't see the appeal
I spend more time wishing superheroes were real
And I know that's not based in reality
It would just be a nice break from the insanity
I love you all, no need to try and save me
I understand you worry about me eternal soul
I suspect the answers will eventually show
Trying to force me to believe something I don't
Will just make me be like nope!
This is not to try and change any minds
Just letting you know I am fine
I am a good person and I do right by others
And I am here for my sisters and brothers
This is just to alleviate the gloom
And draw attention to the elephant in the room
I will talk about it if you ask
Just don't expect me to wear a mask
I just wanted to come clean
And finally be out with it
I only hope those who read my work don't quit
Because I don't judge your work based on your beliefs or religious duty
I read to try and understand and be in awe of its beauty

By LukeCoomer ©

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  • Published: October 15th, 2017 02:58
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  • Goldfinch60

    Whether you believe or not is never an issue with me, we all go our own way, I do believe but will not thrust it down peoples throats, if they want to discuss it I will so do but only as a discussion not to try and change others. All I think we need to give to each other is respect - no religion is needed for that.
    Good write poetry can transcend many beliefs.

    • LukeCoomer

      Wow I'm honored, that's what I'm trying to say! Not being religious doesn't make me evil nor does it make me not appreciate the beauty of religion

    • LaurašŸŒ»

      Hi! I'm new to MPS.
      So I can't quit, since I've just begun!
      My favorite line from your write that says it all is...
      ...I am a good person and I do right by others...
      You said it best!
      A pleasure to have made your acquaintance!

      • LukeCoomer

        Thank you Laura I hope you enjoy my work mps as a whole and I can't wait to read your work!

      • orchidee

        When I starts off me hymn-poems (fairly frequently!) I admit I'm fairly evangelistic in some of them. But as you say, not to force it on folk.
        When they hears me singing, they may not think of heaven, but may think of... erm, the other place! heehee.

        • LukeCoomer

          I admire your work, every time you comment on mine I go read one of yours. I'm just not sure how to comment on them. But keep doing you I will find the like button eventually haha

          • orchidee

            Thanks Luke. Well, some who may not be 'religious' etc comment just on my poem styles, forms, etc. Sort of 'detached' from the religious bit of it.

          • LukeCoomer

            Thank you Santi,
            I find both religious people and there poems very poetic I'm just disconnected on believing personally. I'm glad you relate another trait we share. They seem to be stacking up lol

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