When we were young, and bruised of knee,

We'd tell ourselves stories about the future. 

We'd say how clever, beautiful, and rich we'd be. 

And what we'd look for in a suitor. 


We'd think of our houses, or castles, 

With a partner we loved more than life. 

Our kids, those adorable little hassles, 

And a job with tons of money, but no strife. 


We'd think about our...destiny, 

This perfect life, with no worry. 

And a moment, with clear chemistry, 

Where we knew we were right, in our theory. 


Now I'm older, and somewhat lesser in surety, 

Instead of looking for the perfect moment, 

I feel the peace, with love and purity, 

Happiness in the life I have chosen. 


  • Gary Edward Geraci

    I love ending the evening with a good, well formed piece of art and it is yours that I’m calling such tonight. Great alternating rhyming, uplifting subject matter, and a sound moral to the poem: it is through charity and purity that we experience the highest degree of freedom for which he have been created. Well done Bing! Now please do tell us a little bit about yourself on your home page here...

    • Bing

      Thank you very much!

    • Goldfinch60

      Good positive write. Enjoy each moment, they are all special.

      • Bing

        Thank you very much, I endeavour to! And I hope you enjoy as many moments as I.

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