Kira Creed


There was a curious boy who would help another

If only just to please his cold-hearted mother

The whispers in his house were constant

Worried only about their wallet's content

"There must be more money!

There must be more money!"

The entire family knew of their dreadful presence

Yet act as if they have blissful pleasance

From an early age he took up horse gambling

So the persistent whispers would cease their rambling

Alas, the boy's efforts went in vain

For money only increased the whispers pain

"One more shot,"

He thought,

"And they will surely stop."

He road his weary rocking horse to find

The winner in his fevered young mind

He fell at once when it came to him

When he knew exactly who would win

"Malabar, mother, Malabar! It was him all along!"

He knew for sure he could not get this wrong

His choice indeed pulled through

For over the finish line Malabar flew

Even with the wonderful news

They all still had something to lose

The boy did not manage to last throughout the day

For riding his rocking horse had a price to pay

The mother sat by his side

Watching were her only son lied

No one knew the exact cause of her grief

But she knew that loving her son had been brief

She was never luck enough

To deserve a son so brave and tough

A son that would do so much

Just to feel his mother's touch


  • Somerica

    Well written. Beautifully painted

  • Candlewitch

    there is much sorrow when we try to win approval and our actions go unnoticed. hello, nice to meet you!

    *hugs, Cat


    WELCOME KIRA ~ Thanks for a very salutatory first poem ! More please ! Money of itself is neutral ~ BUT ~ The :LOVE of Money is the root of all EVIL ~ Thanks for sharing Yours BRIAN (UK)

  • ron parrish aka wordman

    a touching write

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