That Straw

Step by step, I tread further. 

Breath by breath, I continue. 

Each new blink, an achievement. 

And each new day, a trophy of success. 


I never thought to travel this far. 

Along the road that we all traverse. 

Each second a heavier weight. 

And my back bowing with the effort. 


My soul weary, my mind full. 

Each night more memories flood me. 

My tears reflecting unfounded fear. 

A pinprick like a stab. 


I bear the full brunt of most things, 

Yet the smallest trip fells my progress. 

Is it not the same with all of us?

Above the whole load, an extra straw breaks the camel. 



  • Goldfinch60

    That load which tries to make us fall needs a good examination as much of it need not be there at all, once you realise this the load can become non-existent and your life can move on in wonder.

    Welcome to MPS.

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