Just a stage

There are stages in life that we never appear on. Moments we never allow ourselves to bask in. Afraid never to amount to anything. Fear sees us stage left, squandering potential, wasting away. A prop never finished. Because someone somewhere, in the back of our mind said not today, not tomorrow, not ever! We listened wandering like sheep in an endless dark Valleyof doubt. Stupid enough to listen, stupid enough to believe that somehow someway we never deserved our moment on stage. So we allow ourselves to be ushered through life. Forced to sit down and watch as it masterfully unfolds. Wishing we had the courage. Wishing we had auditioned. Wishing we were the lead act. All while holding the script, written by us,in our hands.


  • myself and me

    Sometimes, we cared so much about other's opinion, and forgot to listen to our own heart. Live for others, live in other's world, you will never be yourself. This stage is yours, welcome to this site. Very well expressed poem.

    • Tongueti8

      Thank you for your kind words! Excited for this new adventure.

    • M.E.M.

      Love the metaphor seeing as I love theatre I really connect with it

      • Tongueti8

        Thank you for reading!

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