Once In A Blue Moon

That "perfect guy" comes around 

once in a blue moon.

He's the guy who 

Bites his lip 

after checking you out.


Tells you he likes you.


Smells Versace cologne.


He's the guy who

Gets lost in your stormy eyes.


Let's you run into his strong arms

when you are scared.


Makes you laugh 

when you're crying.


He's the guy who

Makes you feel like

the only girl in the world.


Tells you everything

will be okay.


Gives you a Blue Orchid mimicking his eyes.


Hugs you from behind.


Gets nervous around you,

when mentioning a kiss.


He's the guy who

Melts your heart with his melodic voice.

He's the guy who

Teaches you by getting behind you and caressing your hand.


He's the guy who

Is taller than you,

and you like that.


He's the guy who

Adores you for you.


He's the guy who completes you, 

That "perfect guy”

only comes around

once in a blue moon.


  • Dakota

    I think you did a great job! You painted a picture with your words I like that.

    • M.E.M.

      Thank you for your input. Always happy to hear how people perceive a poem

    • Christina8

      Perfect job describing the man that I married...well besides the blue eyes! LOL. Kidding aside, this is a well written poem! Great job!

    • Verta

      Great job! I wrote a piece similar to this when I was 15. But I wrote it towards the opposite direction. I wrote it about a guy that was a player. I wish I could get back that journal. My grandma accidentally threw it away, while cleaning house.

    • FredPeyer

      M.E.M., this guy sounds just about perfect! I do like your poem, well written, has a nice flow and great structure.
      And you are right, a guy like that does come only around once in a blue moon, which kind of means never? Tone it down a bit and take the next one on the list! 🙂

      • M.E.M.

        I did actually look up blue moon, quite interesting. You should look into it as well

        • FredPeyer

          Thanks M.E.M., got it. You will meet a guy like that roughly every three to four years. And in the meantime I guess you will have to do with whatever else is available! 🙂

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