Anna Marg

''Love is happiness and pain altogether.''

I never thought it would be true until I met you..

You hurt me like no one else and I loved you like no one else..

When i saw you close the door behind you, that's when I understood what that  phrase really meant...

So before everything was over I told you I finally knew the meaning.. I finally had the answer to your question..

You turned around with a mocking look in your eyes and a dismissive laugh and asked me ''What?''

You seemed so sure about the childishness and the silliness of my answer..

Then with all the strength and courage I have left I told you:

''I felt happiness when I met you and pain when I found out who you really are. 

You see in order to understand if the love is true you must first become acquainted with the people next to you..

If they are fake and fictional characters love is gonna be built upon hollow promises and unfulfilled dreams..

That's what you were. A dream that didn't deserve to come true!

Since your decision is to leave, goodbye forever and remember it was your choice. Dreams always take the form of what we allow them to be.''

That's when you lowered your head and told me "I'm sorry''

It sounded like a joke at the time..

Telling me you're sorry when you haven't even apologized to yourself..

  • Author: Anna Marg (Offline Offline)
  • Published: October 30th, 2017 07:04
  • Category: Unclassified
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    WELCOME ANNA ~ Thanks for your first Poem ~ which is somewhat of "Greek Tragedy" I am old enough (34) to have sampled (several times) the AGONY & ECSTASY of LOVE ~ so I can empathise. With my current Lady (Angela 29) we are still in ecstasy mode ~ thank God ! As your poem indicated ~ when you discover the "true character" of your Lover ~ the World and everything in it ends for a Season ! I have a MANTRA (which is easier for Men than Ladies ?) "Better to have Loved & Lost ~ Than never to have Loved at all" I love GREECE and everything GREEK ! Every Blessing ~ Yours BRIAN (UK)

    • Anna Marg

      Thanks Briansodes! I like UK as well i'd really love to visit someday! Hope everything goes well for you two!

    • FredPeyer

      Anna, your first line says it all. Love really is happiness and pain! I also like the last line. You are a good writer!

      • Anna Marg

        Thank you!

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