Jesus On The Field

Belief - As the pastor comes in before the game,

Everyone in the locker takes a knee and bows their heads.

"Our father who art in heaven", he says.

Yet it's not just a statement because what he says, they take to the heart.

For next two minutes after, there is total silence.

Total ice is running up their veins.

As it is now time to run through the tunnel,

it is as if the noise gets louder, and louder, and louder, and louder.

Two minutes ago I only saw the colors of our uniform.

Now I see fans dressed in their teams costume.

They jump and yell and curse before the game even starts.

As the warm-up music plays, I remain seated on the the bench.

Hands folded as I lean forward,

I can't help but rock back and forward as I look up at the score board.

I wait for the time to go down,

and wait for the game to start.

Faith - We not only face our rival school,

but a school that is expected to go to the national championship.

We on the other hand, have not been so good in recent years.

Still, if we had no chance winning,

then we would not have even shown up.

The whistle blows.

The game begins.

The first quarter passes and then the second.

It is 85 degrees ferrenhite outside.

Plus it begins to rain.

"What's the matter with you", yells the coach.

"It is as if you are not even trying", he says,

but what the coach not know,

Is that although we are moving slow,

We still are trying our best.

Halftime is over,

and the rain is still coming, a terrenchle downpour.

Third Quarter is finished,

and the score is 35 to 7.

Perserverence - I look up at the falling rain.

"Lord it is not to late.

Give us the victory", I say in a low voice.

There is ten minutes left in the game.

Our rivals says that it is over.

The fans on both sides say that it's over,

and although they are not allowed to say it,

the commenters think that it is over.

Yet, something changes.

After two thirds of the stadium is emty,

with seven minutes left we score a touchdown.

With five minutes left, we score a touchdown.

With four minutes left, we score a touchdown.

Two minutes left and the game is tied.

Everybody, including some of our teammates wonder, 'What happened'.

Still we fight, hit, and with blood flying everywhere, we pray.

There is five seconds left till the final whistles blows.

It raining harder than ever, and it stings.

It is our ball on the 51 yard line.

We are set up for a fieldgoal, the final play.

Set - hut.

It is so slow, and yet so fast.

Five, four, three, two, one.

It seem as though the ball is going short, and wide right.

Then comes a myricle.

A strong gust of wind blows the ball further,

but it the kick is still far right.

Then a softer gust of wind blows to the left,

and the ball sails in.

"38 to 35! 38 to 35", yells the commentator in disbelief, as the crowd runs on to the field.

"Wow Jesus was truly with them today. I have to say that now I am truly a believer", closed the commentator.





    "What a Friend we have in JESUS ~ all our weakness and defeats to bear ! What a privilege to carry everything to GOD in PRAYER"

    For every thing give thanks !

    ERIC LIDDELL (1924 Olympics) refused to run in the 100 yards heats because it was run on a SUNDAY ~ He lost his chance of a Medal. But he found himself in the final of the 400 metres (a very different race) He not only got GOLD ~ he beat the World Record and some of the experienced 400 metre runners fell over trying to keep up with him ! GOD honours Loyalty & Sportsmanship ~ AMEN ~ BRIAN

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