Into The Valley

Oh the valley,
so narrow and deep.
The jagged cliffs make it so that there is no sun.
Oh the valley,
you are wicked place.
You are a nameless cemetery, without meaning to be one.
Many generals have gone through you,
and yet you swallowed them up. Many explorers have gone into you,
and have never made it back.
You have killed great armies.
Oh the valley,
poor misguided valley,
what you do not know is that I am different.
"You puny, weak, little man.
How are you different than the other thousands I've killed?
I am great", groan the valley like a dragon.
Oh the valley,
You are right about a few.
I am puny.
I am a little man,
and yes you have killed thousands before me,
but oh the valley,
What sets me apart from the others, is that they had pride instead of humility.
They had ego, and not conference.
They took action without thinking, and most of all, none had trusted in God.
Oh the valley,
you treacherous valley,
I do not have a weapon or armor.
I simply have the Lord,
which takes away all my fear,
and my wit to help navigate me through your rugged terrain.
Now I enter, and out will I go.
Oh the valley,
as I stare into your dark face,
I begin my journey.
The valley talks to me.
It moans, groans, and screams out of anger.
When it sees that I have no fear,
It becomes violent.
It throws giant rocks and boulders at me from the top of it's cliffs.
Oh the valley,
you cannot scare me,
for Jesus walks with me.
His staff comforts me.
Oh the valley,
because I do not turn around,
you show me your ruthlessness.
You put human bones in my path. You let skeletons lay disfigured.
You show your blood stained walls to try and scare me.
Oh the valley,
you cannot scare me.
For when I am afraid I will trust in Him.
The one I serve created you.
You poor misguided valley.
I thought you were a dark fearsome valley.
You put on a good show,
but now I see a small light in a distance,
and it only gets bigger.
Still, I acknowledge you valley.
You scared a lot of people with your smoke, fire, moaning, and falling rocks,
but you could not scare me.
I have made it out to the other side,
and it is beautiful.
Oh the valley,
because I had the Lord with me,
I defeated you.
Oh the valley,
know my face,
because there will be other valleys like you,
and so long as I always have Jesus, and I will,
oh the valley,
I will make it through.

Valleys can be as dangerous
As the Mountains ~ There are Enemies
BUT even though I walk through The Valley
Of the "Shadow of Death" I will not fear The Evil
Because GOD is with me ~ His Angels comfort ME !
MY GOD protects ME in Valley ~ Protects ME on Mountain ~ AMEN

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